Why it Works!

Results aren’t accidental.
They happen because of a process. Your time is important and I value delivering what you need, when you need it. Once I find out as much as possible about you during the consultation process, I can design the personal roadmap that will work best for you. And if something isn’t working I will make the necessary adjustments so you don’t fall off the wagon.
You can track your workouts, record measurements and upload before and after photos to monitor your progress as you go along, and dependent on the package you sign up to, you will get nutritional advice to assist you in your journey.

How it Works!

Training isn’t rocket science; but it is a science.

You won’t have to worry about your program or if it will fit into your schedule; that’s my job. If you share with me the time and commitment that you can, I will devise the workouts to suit you and to help take you to your goal. It won’t be a general program from the internet, but a personalised plan just for you devised by a qualified Personal Trainer who works in the industry.

All updates, check-ins and small adjustments are all included, so you are not stuck on the same program week-in-week-out, you are not left on your own for weeks with no communication and if something isn’t right I will fix it.
I want to help as many people as possible improve their health, body, confidence and happiness; and if you sign up to my program you can become one of those people.


In order to have something different, you must be someone different, and you must do something different.
Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, be more confident, improve posture, build more muscle, and get those six-pack abs… Whatever…
To get there you have to BE someone different. You have to change your mind-set from one of distant hope and ‘what ifs’.
To one of absolute certainty, focus and determination.
Then you must DO something different. Whether that is to start exercising, make better food choices, improve your lifestyle habits or have less stress in your life.
Add the BE and the DO together and you will HAVE something different.
It could be an improved body shape, being able to fit into a specific dress or suit, or it could simply be feeling happier and less stressed.
Whatever it is that you want… You can have.
You just have to be a different person and tweak the things that are failing to get you there.

Here at FitSmart Fitness that’s what I want to DO for you. I want to BE that something different that will allow you to HAVE that something different.

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