First off, apologies! I have been a bit quiet on the blog front recently - It has been the Easter holidays and my normal structure has been somewhat affected!

I'm going to base this blog on the structure and what is deemed important within training and dieting. Many people embark on a plan and they systematically structure every part of it. This is called periodization. It involves progressive cycling of various aspects of a training programme within a specified period. This is what athletes and people who train very intensely do. 

It is all very well to plan your training and diet plans and it does work - until... that unplanned thing happens!

When that unplanned meal out happens.

When that unplanned night in with friends with a bottle of wine and crisps happens.

When that unplanned meeting at work happens and you can't make the gym.

When that unplanned hamstring strain happens and you can't train properly for 2 weeks.

Whatever it may be that interrupts and affects your planned out training or diet - it happens!

You can plan the perfect theoretical path that every part of your life will follow, but it never works that way.

Success though is all about staying focussed when things don't go to plan.

That one meal out with friends won't affect it.

That night in with your friends won't affect it.

That night missed at the gym won't affect it.

That injury that sets you back 2 weeks, ultimately doesn't affect it.

Everyone feels they have messed up when life gets in the way of their plans, but your ability to resume your path you have chosen after that unexpected detour is how you succeed.

Don't let that one day of a bad diet turn into a week. Don't let that one missed training session turn into 2 weeks off. 

You have your detour and then get back on the path.

It is practically impossible to follow a linear trajectory to your goal. Even highly trained athletes can't do that. 

We are humans, and we live in an environment that we often can't predict or control.

Accept that and continue on.

Hiccups are all part of the journey and success is rarely linear.

If you plan something well enough, detours and hiccups included, a plan should always come together.

I've messed up on my diet for the last 2 weeks, I've missed a few training sessions as well. But, you know what, I'm still moving forward with my plan... I took the detour and then got back on track!

That's all you have to do as well.


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