Creme Eggs... They are everywhere at this time of year and often your cupboards are full of them...

At 150kcal each, eating them frequently can rack up your caloric intake before you realise it. Here are 15 ways you can burn off those extra Creme Eggs!

  1. Walk38 minutes of moderate paced walking will burn off those 150kcal!
  2. Running - 13 minutes of running at a pace of 6mph... want to do it quicker? 10 minutes at a pace of 8mph!
  3. Cycling - Moderate paced cycling for 22 minutes will burn 150kcal.
  4. Swimming - Laps of the pool for 19 minutes.
  5. Climb Stairs - How many stairs can you find? climbing them for 15 minutes will burn the calories.
  6. Golf - 24 minutes of playing golf will burn them - but sorry, you have to carry those clubs not push them in a trolley!
  7. Hoover - How many times can you hoover round your house in 53 minutes? That's how long it would take to burn off a Creme Egg!
  8. Iron - A household chore that burns calories too - but you need to iron for 58 minutes to work off the calories!
  9. Cut the grass - Out into the garden for 30 minutes cutting the grass will burn them off. But if cutting the grass isn't possible yet...
  10. Rake leaves - 33 minutes raking up the leaves will do the job!
  11. Burpees - Everyone's favourite!!! (Not!)... 15 minutes of burpees might be enough to make you not eat the Creme Egg!
  12. Star Jumps - Burpees not your thing... 30 minutes of star jumps burns 150kcal.
  13. Press Ups - Or how about 27 minutes of press ups... 
  14. Squats - 405 squats!! Think the legs could handle that?
  15. Sleep - Believe it or not but the body burns calories by existing, but a lot slower! Sleeping for 2 hours 27 minutes burns 150kcal. But please, don't think you can eat Creme Eggs and just sleep off the calories!! Just added this one in for fun!!

Enjoy your Creme Eggs this year - but make sure you burn off those extra calories!


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